Do Sheds Make Good Houses?

Are you looking for a housing alternative to downsize? Or even considering a unique extension or granny flat for your backyard? For something a little left of centre, you might consider converting and repurposing your shed into a comfortable, liveable space. If you have a keen eye for design, and are ready to downsize, a shed house might be the option for you.
But the question remains, do sheds make good houses? Let’s find out.

Perfect for People Wanting to Downsize
It seems that ‘downsizing’ is all the rage these days and tiny houses do seem like a viable and sustainable option. However, can it be that tiny houses can be too tiny for some people? A converted shed offers a slightly larger space, while still allowing you to downsize, reducing energy costs, water usage and giving you a smaller space to maintain.

Easy to Customise
Sheds offer an easily customisable frame to work with. Once a solid, and high-quality shed frame has been selected, you can then work with designers, builders and certifiers to begin converting your new shed into habitable dwelling. The most appealing aspect of converting a shed into a house is that ultimately, you’re in control of the entire design, and because it’s on a smaller scale there’s less chance that costs will get out of hand.

Council Approval
The hardest aspect of shed conversion would have to be cutting through the red tape and gaining council approval for your shed house project. As this is a relatively new concept, it can be harder to get approval than it would be for a standard house. If you’re ready to get started on your shed house, it’s best to consult with a business who will help provide the various documentation you need, including engineering letters, plans and concrete notes for a Class 1a building.

A shed can make an excellent home if you’re ready to downsize, or they can make for an ideal and unique extension or flat in your backyard. To ensure your shed house is as comfortable as possible, it’s best to plan accordingly and have considered all aspects of the design, such as insulation, internal lining, windows, doors, room dividers, and of course the installation of electricity and running water.

Whether you’re interested in converting your shed into a house, or building one from scratch, it just goes to show that a shed doesn’t have to be a just storage space anymore.
If you’re interested in finding the perfect shed for your backyard, or for a repurposed home, contact the team at Sheds Galore, or browse our range online today.

Overall, the potential for converting a shed into liveable accommodation all comes down to the costs involved. The costs to build a Class 1 liveable shed are far higher than a regular Class 10 shed designed for storage. The steel requirements are higher, and the quality of the slab needs to be engineered to higher standards. If the shed needs to be built first, then the land will need to be purchased and planning permission sought. Once plumbing, electrical, internal walls, kitchen, sewage and water are considered, the costs of turning a shed into a house quickly add up. Depending on where the project is constructed, it may become just as costly as buying a house.

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