5 important factors to remember while buying a shed in Australia

Choosing a shed in Australia can often be an overwhelming experience, with so many options currently inundating the market. But, with the strident advancements made by the Australian steel industry, the task of choosing the right shed has become much less challenging.

Shedsafe, for instance, has evolved to become the industry benchmark across Australia and the neighbouring regions for manufactured steel sheds. Shedsafe represents an accreditation program by third party to provide assistance to buyers so that they can be confident of the steel products, engineering and site specification of the shed they intend buying. The Australian Steel Institute manages Shedsafe, enhancing its credibility in the regional and global sphere.

The following are amongst some of the most important aspects you should consider while buying steel sheds in Australia

Steel compliant with Australian standards

The steel that is used in the manufacturing of your shed should be compliant with Australian standards, and preferably be made in locally. When you are buying from a shedsafe accredited manufacturer like us, this assurance comes automatically.

Should withstand some of the harsh conditions present in some parts of the nation

Australia experiences one of the highest UV levels under the sun. Therefore, painted steel does not present an ideal choice. Check with your vendor on how this issue will be addressed and how he guarantees protection against flaking, cracking, blistering and peeling.

Warranty should extend to the steel, as well as workmanship

While the workmanship of your shed is essentially important, the steel used in making the shed should also carry a warranty, because poor quality steel can negate even the best workmanship. When you choose shedsafe accredited vendors, you can buy peace of mind.

Choose genuine products

The cost of genuine accredited products may be relatively expensive in the beginning. But, when you spread the cost across the long life of the product, you can instantly notice the saving that you will make over the life the shed.

Is the engineering suited to your site?

We all know that the coastline between Exmouth and Broome is particularly susceptible to storms and cyclones. Therefore, you should focus on the engineering aspects of the shed so that it can withstand the fury of the winds as and when they occur. In other words, your shed should be specifically engineered for your site.

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