Why Buy Australian-Made Sheds as Opposed to Imports

Whether you’re using it as a mancave, a workshop, a storage area or as a place to run your business from, then you’d know that there’s several important factors that should be considered during your search for your perfect shed.

Some of you might just consider price or the materials used. We’re here to tell you that while these are important to consider, we believe the most important factor of all is whether your shed is Australian-made or imported.  It’s understandable that price is a major contributing factor for many of you around the country and might sway you to look overseas for your new shed.

At Sheds Galore, we’ve made it our mission to help you understand why going overseas for a shed as opposed to investing in a quality Australian-made shed isn’t always the best idea.


You Need to Consider the Australian Climate

So, you’re searching for a quality shed or materials to install your own shed and you’re keeping your options open about whether you decide on Australian-made materials or imports. When making your decision, ask yourself this: are the materials I’m investing in durable enough to withstand the harsh Aussie climate?

Will imported materials stand the test of time and the unique Australian environment? Chances are they won’t.

There’s a reason why Colorbond® sheds are some of the most sought-after designs going around. Colorbond® is an Australian-made Bluescope steel that’s famous for its quality. Offering a huge 22 colour range, Colorbond® also comes with a 25-year warranty, as compared to imported material that rarely comes backed by a warranty or guarantee. Best of all – it’s available at Sheds Galore.


Australian-Made Means Top Quality

The Australian-made logo isn’t just for show – it’s there to let everyone know that they are purchasing something that is of the highest quality. Overseas manufacturers often try to copy the work of Australian manufacturers but can’t meet the high level of quality that our products are known for. Americans and Europeans to name a couple pay premium prices for Australian-made products, and Australian-made sheds are usually considered to be the highest quality around.


The Cheapest Choice Doesn’t Always Mean the Best Choice

At some point, we’re all tempted to go for the cheapest option on offer, but when it comes to a shed the cheapest option isn’t always the way to go. If you’re using your shed to safely store precious and sentimental items, or use it as a place to conduct business out of, then of course you’ll want the best option. Buying a cheaply made shed means that it won’t stand the test of time and you might even need to replace it sooner rather than later – meaning more money in the long run.


If you’d like to discuss your options for a quality and affordable Australian-made shed, then contact the friendly team at Sheds Galore. Our Colorbond® sheds have on average a 4-week turnaround from order to delivery – so your new shed is never far away.

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