The Best Ways of Protecting Your Large Assets

Australian weather is unpredictable, to say the least. We’re no strangers to clear blue skies one minute, and a wild thunderstorm happening the next.

September is approaching, and in Queensland, that means hailstorm season is just around the corner. Who hasn’t been caught out by a surprise hailstorm, unfortunately with damaging results? It’s almost like a rite of passage for those in our corner of the country. Some of the worst storms in recent years have even seen golf ball sized hail hit some areas, and it doesn’t look to be calming down anytime soon.

Don’t be the Queenslander that gets caught in the storm – it’s important that you’re protecting your valuable larger vehicles and possessions the right way, not only in September but all year round.


Surely a tree will do?

Using a tree as shelter for your vehicles is perhaps one of the worst things you can do.  You might think that a large, leafy tree will offer your larger vehicles enough protection once the hail hits, however the hail often passes right through the leafy canopies and damaging branches on its way down to your car or caravan – not to mention the chances of falling branches are high.

A weatherproof cover offers no protection

A weatherproof cover might sound like it will offer your assets protection – but that’s only if you’re looking for rain protection. Hail covers are useful when you’re out on the road without a proper shelter in sight, and they work much better than a standard waterproof cover as they help to cushion the landing of hail.

If you use a waterproof cover when hail storm is concerned, it’s like trying to catch a golf ball with a piece of tissue paper.


Shade Sails

If you’re out shopping when a hailstorm hits, the only option for parking your vehicle might be a shade sail. While this offers some protection, it’s not nearly enough and some damage might still occur. During particularly wild storms, it’s a common sight to see torn shade sails blowing in the breeze. Imagine the damage it could do to your windscreen – so park underground when shopping if possible.


Investing in the Right Protection

One of the safest ways to protect your car, caravan, boat or other large vehicles is to invest in a top-quality shed. The best thing about sheds is that they can also be tailored to your exact measurements and needs. With options available that can house a range of vehicles, including options that can accommodate larger vehicles such as a boat or caravan and can be used for storing just about everything – including your most valuable assets.

At Sheds Galore, we have you covered this hail season, with our top quality sheds made from the best Australian-made material on the market including Colorbond® steel. Get in touch with our expert team to find out how a shed can protect your prized possessions in the wild Queensland weather.

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