Purchasing a Farm Shed? Here’s What You Need to Consider

As a farmer, you’re in a unique position. Not only are you required to be a hard worker in a very demanding industry, you also need to be business savvy. Balancing these two aspects isn’t always easy and even making the necessary replacements to equipment and buildings can be a monumental task.

Whether you’re looking to replace a tired old shed that’s been sitting on your property for years, or are expanding and need the extra storage space, you need to be aware of some important things to ensure you’re getting the best ROI possible.

But before you do anything, you need to answer two very important questions: what is the purpose of your shed, and what is the overall plan for your shed?

The Purpose

Before you start your shed search, think about what the purpose for the new shed will be. The type of shed and the materials you’ll need will vary depending on this.

Will you be needing a large shed for storing harvests? Or is your main priority going to be the safe housing of valuable vehicles, equipment or machinery?

What you’re planning on storing or protecting will directly influence your choice of materials or building design. For instance, if you’re entering and exiting the farm shed on heavy machinery, an open front design will be the ideal choice. If you’re storing harvests or machinery, then choosing good quality material, such as Australian-made Bluescope steel as opposed to imported materials, is the wise choice so that you can effectively protect your harvest from the unpredictable elements.

If you define the purpose of your shed early on, you can make the entire process simpler and avoid any unnecessary headaches.

The Plan

When we talk about the plan for your shed, we mean your plans for the purchase and construction of your farm shed.

Your plan should include:

The main thing to remember is that your new shed is an investment for your farm. If you find a top quality shed made from the best materials, it will still prove to be a valuable asset to your property and operations several years from now.

Need a helping hand finding the ideal farm shed to suit your purpose, plan and budget?

At Sheds Galore, our expert team are here to help. With a wide range of designs and materials to choose from, you’re in good hands.

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