A Shed is More Than Just a Shed

Unbeknownst to most people, the concept of a shed actually has ancient roots. There is evidence of sheds existing in ancient days. Remains from the great Roman Empire indicates that they built small, similar structures for storing personal items. The word “shed” actually has Anglo Saxon roots that loosely translate to “separate cover”.

And as the ages past, the “shed” became an important factor in social, cultural and historical development.

In the Victorian era, the idea of a shed contributed not only status, but a significant social divide… One between men and women. While men gathered to do their manly business in their sheds, women were shunned from partaking. These were a symbol of everything masculine. Women were encouraged to find a more appropriate place to engage socially (thus the rise of the greenhouse and child playhouses).

As the industrial era progressed, sheds became recognised as both a pertinent a business venture and money-making means. Suddenly, having a shed added significant value to a property and their demand increased. Entrepreneurs saw the signs and pounced; pre-assembled shed packs began to sell wildly and when war struck, having a shed became a “smart” choice. The option to customise sheds became popular, and the market sky-rocketed.

More recently, a shed is still utilised as a storage place and still very much known as a man’s space. However, as opposed to creating a social divide, a shed stands to mean much more. It is a retreat: for men, a safe haven; for children, a mystical place of adventure; for women, a loving and respectful way to have space (not to mention a fantastic feature for those who clean houses – having a shed usually means a lot of domestic clutter can be moved outside). Sometimes, for some people, a shed even substitutes for a house!

Having a shed is almost necessary for a certain calibre of man, and professionals have speculated why: Some suggest that having a “shed” or a designated space for possessions outside their own roof that is still under their theoretical “care” provides an unconscious peace of mind and sense of control.

Undoubtedly, the idea of a shed is closely attached to many types of social groups… Particularly Australian! No matter the kind – garden, boat, storage, pet, car, or tool shed – your life could probably be enlightened by its presence.

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